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Meet your Bibbidi Bobbidi Booking Agents


Both lovers of all things princess, The Traveling Tiaras founders Sarah and Lindsey started this company in 2022 in their Westmont College dorm room due to their desire to connect Southern California’s youth with the same strong role models that have fueled their respective passions for leadership and mentorship. The ability to bring princesses to a little one’s party is the ability to create a positive impact on the next generation.

We recognize this great responsibility which is why this ‘traveling company’ is devoted to authentic princesses. The Traveling Tiaras provides its’ traveling princesses with the finest gowns and princess training so that your child may experience the magic of a real princess. The princesses’ kindness, compassion, and joy will be infectious as they sing, dance, craft, face paint, and tell stories.

We take pride in how special our job is and we understand the life-long memories we will be a part of. It is our duty to help your child’s birthday party or special event go smoothly so all that you have to do is sit back and experience with your little royal the magical moment you helped to create!
Sarah and Lindsey are now Westmont College alumni and are driven individuals and entrepreneurs who want to make a lasting impact on the next generation. They would love for you to reach out and give them the details of your event so that they may help make any accommodations so that your child’s special day may be the best!

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*We are not affiliated with the Walt Disney Company or any of their intellectual properties*

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