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Princesses: Our Team

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Traveling from France

Meet this dedicated servant turned princess who never gives up on her dreams. She will tell you all about all her animal friends and her fairy godmother, while displaying the compassion of a true princess, as long as she is back to her castle before the clock strikes midnight!



Traveling from France

This bookworm can't wait to be your guest and share stories with your little royal. From her provincial town to your castle, this beauty seeks adventure. She bestows her love for learning, kindness, and compassion, to all she meets!


Ice Spirit

Traveling from the Enchanted Forest

Meet the courageous ice queen-turned-elemental spirit that saved those she loved by following her calling. Although she may have ice powers, she will give the warmest of hugs to your little royal and demonstrate that good things happen to those who go into the unknown!


Snow Queen

Traveling from her Kingdom

Meet the fun-loving frozen sister who now reigns as the queen of Arendelle. Her loyalty to her sister has led her to come face to face with magical trolls, lands, and people. She would like nothing more than to bring her enthusiasm about her kingdom into your very own palace.


The Little Mermaid

Traveling from Atlantica

Meet the fearless mermaid princess from Atlantica who loves to tell sea stories about her aquatic adventures and fishy friends. This passionate princess would like nothing more than to visit your palace and tell your little royal about her thingamabobs and how her passions allowed her to achieve her dream of becoming human.



*Currently Unavailable*

Meet the free-spirited princess of Corona who is achieving her dreams by adventuring and leading her loyal subjects. She is as full of light as her kingdom's gleaming lanterns and would love to set a shining example of compassion, enthusiasm, and kindness to your little royal.



*Currently Unavailable*

The daughter of the chief is sailing her way straight to you! With a brave heart and dreams as vast as the sea, she will inspire adventure into your little royal’s day. She is eager to tell you the legends of her home island and the story of her daring voyages.


Bayou Princess

*Currently Unavailable*

Straight from New Orleans, this princess-turned-entrepreneur can’t wait to hop on over to your castle. She’ll share how she opened her dream restaurant no matter what she looked like while encouraging hope, hard work, and adventure. She’ll make your little ones' day as magical as her famed beignet recipe!

Princesses: Our Team
IMG_0572 2.HEIC

Arabian Princess

*Currently Unavailable*

See new sights with the spunky princess in line to become the next Sultan! This future ruler leads by example by speaking her mind to inspire others. Her pet tiger shares her fiery personality, she can’t wait to tell your little royal all about him! 

More Princesses to Come...

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